How to Crush Stress and Boost Your Well-Being with Robin Stueber

In this enlightening episode, we unravel the art of conquering stress and enhancing overall well-being with the guidance of expert coach Robin Stueber. You’ll learn practical techniques and life-changing strategies to transform your life for the better. Join us as Robin shares her profound insights, helping you take the first steps toward a more balanced and stress-free existence.

Enhancing Mental Wellness in Personal and Professional Life

Workplace wellness is a topic that’s increasingly gaining attention, and for a valid reason. With individuals spending increasing amounts of time at work, the corporate environment’s impact on mental and physical health is hard to ignore. In this conversation with Robin Stueber, the founder of People-Centered Leadership, we delve into the importance of mental wellness in both personal and professional spaces, and how to cultivate a sense of fulfilment using Positive Intelligence and other strategies.

The Power of Positive Intelligence

Positive Intelligence, a wellness program developed by Stanford lecturer Shirzad Chamine, has been used by many Fortune 500 companies to improve their leadership and productivity. It zeroes in on “the saboteurs” – the negative thought patterns that sabotage performance and relationships. This technique leads individuals to gain an in-depth understanding of their negative thought patterns, and creatively rewires the brain’s responses.

The Positive Intelligence Program aids individuals in intercepting their habitual, negative thoughts. In doing so, it encourages them to shift their neural activities to positive thinking patterns that work towards productivity and mental resilience. Over time, individuals gradually break down the hardwired neural connections reinforcing negative thoughts.

Tying in Functional Medicine and Mental Wellness

Robin also discusses her acquaintance with functional medicine – an approach that looks at the root cause of disease rather than just addressing symptoms. She advocates for a holistic approach to wellness that appreciates both physical and mental aspects. She emphasizes that mental wellness is not just about reducing stress, but about achieving an overall balanced mindset.

Ageing and the Value of Care

The discussion also touches on a crucial phase of life: caregiving for ageing parents. Robin shares her personal experiences, highlighting the importance of setting clear personal boundaries and priorities when taking over as a caregiver. The conversation sheds light on the deeply ingrained ethos among locals to care for their elders hands-on, and how it can affect personal lives.

On managing the balancing act between caregiving and professional life, Robin emphasizes the need to take a step back and reassess one’s personal boundaries and sense of purpose. She sheds light on the mental turmoil many caregivers go through, often torn between meeting their professional commitments and caring for their elders.


Robin’s insights do more than just stress the importance of mental wellness, they offer tangible ways to achieve it. Whether through Positive Intelligence techniques or embracing the lessons learnt from personal experiences like caregiving, the conversation showcases that the path to mental wellness is a multifaceted one, navigated differently by each individual.

An individual’s personal and professional life is not always a seamless journey but with the right mindset and techniques, it can certainly be navigated with much more ease and fulfilment.

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