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  Evan returns

Filed under: Kari's Journal — admin - March 6, 2006 @ 3:29 am

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Evan returned on Saturday, early morning. Our house was full of excitement for his return. Kolton was up at 6:00 am as usual, so after his feeding I woke up and tried to do any last minute things necessary before Evan got home. I wanted to make sure things were done when he was away so that he didn’t think that I was just sitting around watching TV or relaxing. The weird thing is that while he was gone on this trip I told myself that I would try and find some relaxation time, but no fail, it didn’t happen. Most of the nights I was up till midnight working on a list of TO DO things I made myself. I accomplished most of it, just two things was not checked off – scrap booking and figuring out Print Shop Pro. I will need to make time to do those things eventually. And as I mentioned about needing to do so much to pack Evan before he left, now it’s the unpacking. Most of it is done; I finished all of the laundry at least today. Now it’s just the bits and pieces that need to be organized and put away.

It seemed that Evan had a great and productive trip. It’s always fun to hear Evan tell stories. I’m sure you can tell what a storyteller Evan is by listening to his journals. Evan gets his story telling talent from his father. His father is also a good storyteller. His father is so good, that our first son, Buddy, likes to sit and listen to stories, not needing a book or pictures to entertain him. Anyway, when we have all the children we want and they are somewhat grown up, the youngest being at least 5, I wouldn’t mind traveling to the Philippines. Evan described some of the islands to be lush and the culture in the Philippines to be an experience itself. I looked at some of the digital photos and one of the islands that he went to looked pretty, like Hawaii.

Kolton turned 9 months today! He just started crawling on all fours. He was doing the arm crawl for the longest time. We are so proud of him! Time is flying by so fast. It feels like just yesterday he was born and I was thinking of planning for his first birthday party. I know most people think it’s ridiculous that I was planning his first birthday party during the first week of his life, but being that he was born in June, that is graduation time. Therefore, my concern was getting a reservation for a party location at such a busy time.

Although Evan just returned a couple of days ago we have a busy week ahead of us. A lot of exciting things are happening…We’ll be meeting with Mike McCartney and Rick Blangiardi about taping for Greater Good TV. We’ll interview with Larry Johnson, retired CEO of Bankoh. Following that we will interview with Joey Calderone. I’ll be meeting with Chloe from Meals on Wheels about the in-service training for the volunteers. Lastly I’m going to take Kolton to take pictures for his first birthday picture.

So this TV thing is a bit nerve racking. People will actually be able to see our postures, body language and facial reactions when speaking with these guests. This is good and bad. While Evan was gone the place was pretty quiet so I took some time to really listen to some of the interviews over. I need to say, some interviews I sound so out of it and stupid, some interviews I sound quiet, and some interviews I sound comfortable and on it. What’s the difference, I really think the amount of sleep that I’ve had played a big difference. Being that we started this project when Kolton was born, there was just so much to do to keep up. Then a month after his birth, we were in the studios recording already, plus I was back teaching at school. You know they say that lack of sleep affects the brain’s effectiveness. That is my excuse. Besides though, sometimes I am quiet in the interviews because I am just in deep thought with the interviewees. It is so easy to get caught up in their stories and what they are saying that I forget that I need to ask another question. Well, practice makes one better and I think I am hopefully getting better. Either way, I am grateful to Evan for allowing me to be a part of this. This project has been his vision for some time now. He finally decided to put his idea into action and did it. He is doing such a great job and I am proud of him. I will continue to work on getting better each time. Any feedback is always helpful. I mean hey, someone said that my voice was too high and irritating. Thanks for the feedback! I have been working on my voice. I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but I’ve tried to lower my voice. My father and law also gave me some tips about how to ask a question and make statements with voice intonations so I have been trying to keep those tips in mind. So much to think about…that is why television will just add to the list of things to think about. J That’s okay though.

Well, that’s it for now. I need to prep more bios for the interviewees scheduled throughout the rest of the month. I always try and stay ahead so that I don’t stress out right before. Till next time…

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