Chris Hart meeting, Google Adwords, Kimo Akane and Davey D lunch

Chris Hart meeting
Google Adwords
Kimo Akane and Davey D lunch

Today is 7/22, which is July 22nd, it is about 2:30 in the afternoon and this is the update for I guess this afternoon. Today was pretty good, today I had the meeting this morning with Chris Hart over at Cox Radio and we were discussing our contract and just getting everything squared away the hard thing is I have the other producer and really there is I can’t see what there is to do. So I really have to call him and we’ll figure it out but the radio part portion it sounds really good. They are going to help me out quite a bit and that should be pretty interesting to see it, here how it comes.

Also I was talking to Chris about another business that he has got and he is doing different advertising and he has got a website doing events around town and he has some interesting things.

[00:00:55] I mentioned to him about Google Adwords and everything that’s an excellent thing to put into your website especially if you don’t really know what your revenue model is, you may not selling products, Google Adwords is a good opportunity for you to I guess get your revenue back at least somewhat. He said he’d give it a shot and then let me know. So I guess we’ll see how that goes.

[00:01:22] Today was the interesting lunch I ended up going after that having lunch with Kimo Akane who has got his show “Kimo’s Vegas” and also has a column in Midweek and on Oceanic so we were talking about different business models and how it find on distributing, got kind of similar models that we are working with just, I mean entirely different content. So Kimo told me to draft up the sample column for Midweek and then we can pitch it over there next week. So that’s what I am going to do I am still waiting to hear back from, Hawaii Business Magazine and that I don’t know I guess that’s stuff is kind of on hold and that’s why I forgot how to do the sponsor issue too. So what I am doing is waiting for the media kits coming in from the radio station and some other people and seeing what how they package it in and put it together in you know what the going rates are? I guess that was kind of dumb of me to go in yesterday just thinking that I could rely in my relationship but– hey you live and learn right? Live and learn. It’s interesting all these guys in radio they have their side businesses going or and it’s interesting how to inter place.

[00:02:41] So Davey D is doing a new television show that they go, it’s kind of like unwrapped where they go behind and see how you make candy. I guess they go behind the scenes in different local businesses like Love’s Bakery and so on and see how people are making the food and all that.

I am not really sure in the business model, we didn’t talk about that too much we had a decent talk on the Internet portion and it’s interesting to see from different entrepreneurs viewpoints and the troubles they go through and how they overcome it and man one theme is that they just don’t stop, they just keep trying, they are optimistic and they just keep going. So, I guess that’s the general theme just don’t quit, just keep trying. Other than that, that’s about it for today.