Haleiwa art festival, Radio bandwidth issues, partnerships, time w/ kids, Hawaii Business Magazine, planning for columns and babysitting 1st day.

Haleiwa art festival
Radio bandwidth issues
time w/ kids
Hawaii Business Magazine
planning for columns
babysitting 1st day

Today is July 25, 2005 and it’s Monday. Anyways, I had to pause it right there because Kari was telling me that “Laguna Beach” was on tonight and we really like that show, so hopefully the TiVo got it and we will watch it later. Anyways, it’s 11:30 at night. I am doing this recap of the day and I tell you it was a pretty darn challenging day. Tomorrow I am going take off a little bit in the morning for some exercise. I am going to go on the jet ski with my good old buddy and we are going to go and hit the waves, hopefully there are some waves tomorrow and go Skurfing, which is a cross between surfing and wake boarding. It’s almost like towing surfing but we don’t really let go of the rope, we just ride it. That way we don’t have to paddle and it’s just different sport. It’s pretty fun though, gives me a chance to get my exercise without, necessarily having to think about exercising.

[00:01:06] Anyways yesterday we went to the Haleiwa Art Festival and that’s on the North shore of Hawaii. It’s a yearly art festival, where I guess all the local artists come out and show their goods and they have some music and some children things. Buddy got his face painted with a little turtle, they call that Honu here in Hawaii and that is the fun day. We stood out there majority of the day. Scary thing is that there is a lady that got hit on the road, a hit and run, she died at 2:00 in the afternoon, and I was just up the road from where we were at so, I don’t know man, crazy drivers these days, interesting. At the Haleiwa Art Festival I thought that may be we just go down there and mentally disengage because we are going to just see art and constantly thinking about business but a young gentleman came to one of the booths that I was at, talking to the Lee Ceramics guys about just whatever. And he was passing out some flyers so I thought he was selling something but he wasn’t really selling anything. What he was doing is offering a service that the Kailua High School is doing. I don’t know if it’s just seniors or what but they have a club that does computers. They’re into computers and they will design a web page on their site northshore.com for any of the local businesses. I guess they have either zip code range or geographic range purely for their area. And then they are promoted for free as part of the community service for these kids and I think that’s an extremely good program that’s bringing the community cause to businesses. I asked him if they have any kind of revenue model and he said no so I was thinking about that. But it goes hand in hand with the co-project that we were working on into getting the business programs within the University system. So, I don’t know, I guess more to come on that. There is a lot of things for us to do, just to get this radio show of the ground and Podcast and website and our other businesses and issues and everything. So, I don’t know it’s pretty darn frustrating but none the less I feel like I am looking really hard, I feel like I am giving it my all and I don’t know, I am dead tired but I feel like it’s worth it. What’s next on my list here?

[00:03:49] Radio, I have done, radio BW issues, oh! Radio bandwidth issues. Today I got an e-mail in the morning saying that oh! We can’t do the interview tomorrow at the radio station because my schedule doesn’t match or whatever and that’s disappointing. I guess in the very beginning when you determine your contracts you really need to make sure that everything is laid out in detail. I don’t think it’s that anyone is necessarily trying to trick anyone. It’s just that a lot of times people overestimate what they can do or there are misunderstandings and that’s why I think detail contract is truly the best route to go. We are working out that situation but nonetheless it’s a bit frustrating. I have faith in the radio station though and the people there because they are good people. I believe that they are doing their best and willing to work it out but I am really not willing to pay anymore for it and we are going to have a talk about that in the next couple of days. Hopefully we can hash it out, get a process in place because man I really need to just get that stuff taken care of and it’s just lingering. I mean, oh! Man. We had to let Derrick go, who was acting as associate producer because the production was supposed to be taken care of. And now we have to figure that out, I guess. So, I don’t know it’s kind of a tough spot.

[00:05:27] Next I have here is partnerships, oh what is this partnership? This morning in one of the companies that we own, one of our partner is wanting to go and pull themselves out and it makes sense because with that partner they have so many other businesses and this is a hobby type thing for them. And the hard thing is that when you process a partner out of either a LLC or whatever it may be, there needs to be legal documents and you have to buy them out at a certain rate and do a lot of work and right now I really just don’t have the time to do that. So, hopefully if that’s what is going to happen then they will take care of it. There are no hard feelings so I think it is probably the best thing to do and we’ll just go through it. It just so happens that was on the same day there were scrambling to figure out what’s going on with these interviews because our interview tomorrow, which is Jon de Mello, who owns the Mountain Apple Company basically the most powerful man in Hawaiian music, it took a couple of weeks to get him scheduled. So I don’t want to mess that up. I had to call them and asked him if we have to do the interview on site at their location and he had to call me back and said okay, it’s going okay, but you have to bring your equipment and that would have been fine because their studio was just awesome. But everything ends up working out so far and tomorrow afternoon we are going to end up going to the Cox Radio Studio and do our recording. So hopefully that that works out.

[00:07.06] Next on my list I have time with the kid. See I wrote this afternoon when I had all the stuff in my mind and I just can’t remember what I was supposed to say but I think what I was going to say is that, spending the time, that quality time with your kids is really, really important and my oldest son is two and a half. I noticed that if I’m getting caught up in my work or I am not spending time with him he really doesn’t want to hang out with me. But if I hang out with him and we do stuff, like last night we watched movie together, then he is really nice and upbeat and I think it has more or less to do with me then anything else. So if you guys have kids please keep that in mind.

Wednesday we have the meeting with Hawaii Business Magazine. And I mean getting a lot of help for this one in terms of they were supposed to talk with then publishers forwarded us to the editor and then now we are going to talk to the editor, which is lucky for us, she was the one, who approved the story on our other company Bubble Tea Supply, and I think it was like 2002 I believe. So I don’t know that much about her and her background to really — I don’t know that much but I am going to go in there and give it my best shot and we will see.

[00:08:33] What we were trying to do is get a column in there so that we can re-purpose the interview content and make it into a magazine column. The thought is to have a social entrepreneur of the month. You can highlight how the community involvement is helping their bottom line profits and then get some recognition for them. So we will see. The model for their parent company is ‘make a difference-make a life’ or ‘make a life-make a difference’ and that’s really what we are trying to do. So we drop those lines when we meet them on Wednesday. Currently we are planning to do a number of written columns, we are going to pitch Midweek and then which is a circulation in Hawaii that has two hundred– a brief something– some demographic information is like 295,000 homes that receive it and that’s just homes that receive it, not total people reading it. And that’s done twice a week. So Midweek seems to be the big dog of publications and we want to get something in there. We were thinking about doing either “Ask the Entrepreneur”, whereas their readership can e-mail us questions and I’ll be carrying myself or our guest will answer it. And then we put that into a column and then also I was thinking of doing a column, where the entrepreneur can have their section and a little bit more in-depth into them. So how they got started or did base their background, so you see the profile of an entrepreneur. They have something like that for chefs around town but nothing for entrepreneurs. And I noticed that they have two sections in their during the Tuesday’s paper, one is business round table, which seems to be older people in business and they just write small column of whatever they think. And then also there is another section called entrepreneurs with Linda __ Cruise and that’s a highlight on different businesses. But we are doing more focus on the people as opposed to the business. So we will see how that goes, it’s work in progress man I tell you I have been trying to write these things for at least a week and still not done.

[00:11:09] And today’s was my youngest son’s first day of baby-sitting. He is only six weeks old so I was little bit sad to see him go there, especially for my wife but we kept busy and seem to go well. He is a really good baby. He’s on a good schedule for feeding and it allows us to get a lot of work done. Anyways this seems to be the real busy week, our website seems to be on track. Only problem is that we keep having issues with the layout. They keep sending me layouts. They are not up to what we are thinking they should look like and then we are having some issues on the voting and the polling and how that’s going to work. So I guess it’s all up in the air. Lucky for us the people working on it learned really quickly and they are very easy to communicate with. Anyways that’s it for Mondays update and we will talk to you tomorrow.