Skurf session, Andy’s, Jon de Mello interview and Lightening up for the after show

Skurf session
Jon de Mello interview
Lightening up for the after show

This is Evan’s Journal and today is July 26, Tuesday here in Honolulu, Hawaii. Anyways, today was a really good day. Yesterday was a pretty darn challenging day, but today I got to go to the beach quite early in the morning.

[00:00:19] I went with _ and went Skurfing. It’s kind of a cross between wakeboarding and surfing and towing. We take a jet ski; it’s a Yamaha wave rider, Waverunner XLT 1200 CC’s. Basically the motor on this Waverunner, which is a sit-on-top jet ski, is bigger than the Honda Civic motor. So, I mean the thing, it hauls both of us on it, we can go about 50 miles per hour. It’s pretty darn fast and we are not light I mean, I am probably about 200 and some odd pounds and he is about 200 so, it’s a lot of weight to pull. Anyways, what we do is, we go on this modified kiteboard and we go surfing within the waves pulled by the Jet ski and we just had a blast today; I pulled him into a small tube, I got on a number of good waves, and there’s just something about the ocean and being out in nature that allows you to just dump all the gunk that comes from sitting in front of the computer or the day-to-day grind that just builds that stress up; it all releases in the ocean. And if I go two times or three times a week I think, it really makes me balanced; I am in a much better mood. Even Kari is telling me that I should go more often and that’s (1) she is exceptional for telling me that, but (2) it doesn’t make a difference.

[00:01:46] After that, we went to Andy’s sandwiches in Manoa, which is, I mean in my opinion, probably the best sandwich. It’s a type of sandwich that I can think of and we had some smoothies. The interesting thing about Andy’s is, it’s a real like Mom and Pop Place and Mom and Pop are there, its been there almost 30 years and he has this bread, and the bread is just so nice. It’s a wheat bread that he makes by hand out of natural ingredients every single morning. And if you ever go in there in the morning it really smells nice. And the sandwiches are really pretty good. Actually I ate that yesterday too, when we were hatching out some ideas but anyways, if you are ever in the area, go and stop by Andy’s and tell him Evan sent you.

[00:02:36] Today, our Greater Good Radio interview was with Jon de Mello, who is basically the most powerful man in Hawaiian music today. He has got over 30 years of experience as well as his father was a really famous musician and composer and he picked that up in early age as well as the business aspects. And that was a super interesting interview. Interesting thing about Jon’s interview is that if you took my Post’s interview and you put it right on top of Jon’s, their messages were exactly the same; the delivery was different, the stories and experiences and everything were different but the messages were exactly the same. These guys are just so darn passionate about what they do; it’s unbelievable. So, hope you guys get a chance to listen to that it’s really pretty good. When you get a chance to talk about Jon’s Ferrari and then he said he lives in a grass hut. That’s kind of funny because he says I live in a grass shack. Well, his grass shack is on Oceanfront property in Diamond Head of Hawaii and if I had to guess, it’s in the multimillion-dollar range. And he drives a Ferrari… that was kind of close talking to him about that and the after show, which hopefully, we can start recording more of that. He was talking about how that thing is 6–it’s actually 6 gears, that Ferrari and you control it with your hands, you push a button or something and it goes up and down the gears, so that we don’t have to do with a stick shift going that fast. It sounds pretty interesting. He invited me to go and I will probably take him up on that, hopefully sometimes soon.

[00:04:31] Anyway, one thing I noticed today is, I really need to lighten up in the after show. There is something about putting the mic in front of you and pushing record and people around and everything gets kind of, stiffened up, and it’s just weird because once we turn off the microphones, that’s where the really interesting stuff comes out. I mean, everything is interesting, but it’s where you can talk more naturally and your guard comes down and hopefully we can make that adjustment to make that switch.

What else do we do today? Can’t really think of what else happened today except that the contract for the radio portion is being squared away. I am very pleased actually with that because they’re up keeping their end of the bargain and that’s real important specially when you’re doing business relationship stuff it means contractor or no contractor is. A contract I think is real good just because it tells each party what they are going to do and what they won’t do and you can go back to it as a reference almost like a third party reference. But I think more important than that, is it really depends on who the people are that are signing into the contract? I mean, if somebody is not going to fulfill their end of the bargain, they are just not going to fulfill it and that really is much more important than strict legalese on the contract. So, that’s something that you definitely want to keep in mind.

Today’s swimming lesson was really good, buddy is getting really good at swimming. He can’t paddle yet but he can come up for air kind of; he can kick but it seems like now he is more floating than anything else. So, I can’t wait till he gets bigger and gets really good with swimming and surfing and take him on the Jet ski Skurfing, that would be a lot of fun.

So anyways, tomorrow’s meeting is with Hawaii Business Magazine, meeting with the Editor Kelly Abe Trifonovitch. And we are going to see how that goes. I guess it’s kind of an uphill battle on this one, because they really guard their editorial quite closely. So, I don’t know we are going to see, go in there and just sell my butt off and see what I can do and let’s just see how it goes. Anyway, this whole entire experience has been pretty darn interesting. So, I am glad that you are joining me.