The Power of Persistence: BJ Kobayashi’s Real Estate Journey

From working relentlessly in the real estate industry to curating an intimate bond with stand-up comedy, BJ Kobayashi’s journey is anything but commonplace. In this engaging conversation, BJ shares insights about his approach to life, business, and personal wellbeing, culminating in exciting ideas we could all learn from.

Transcending from Business Acumen to Personal Growth

BJ’s story began with a relentless pursuit in the real estate market. His passion and unwavering dedication saw him clinching deals with influential personalities, such as co-founder of Kukio Golf and Beach Club, Bill Getty. By offering his sweat equity and strategizing to acquire a valuable real-estate loan in Japan, BJ built a real estate empire, molding him into a young millionaire.

However, the continuous chasing of success started taking its toll. In the constant running from meetings to commitments, important sections of BJ’s life began to feel like hearty leftovers instead of a satisfying main course. BJ emphasized the need to prioritize personal health and not be afraid of putting oneself first. He explained, “It’s not selfish. I’ve seen a lot of good come out of it. Because of these changes, my business would thrive.”

In fact, upon turning 50, BJ decided to restructure his life, dedicating 50 percent of his time to improving his health.

Emphasizing Relations – A New Approach to Success

While BJ underlines the importance of physical health, he also emphasizes the advantages of having good people around you. Having a supportive family and an exceptional team at work has been crucial throughout BJ’s journey. He insists on being surrounded by talented, good-hearted individuals with commendable intentions.

A significant turning point for him was when his father advised him to pay heed to his health and slow down on pushing himself too hard work-wise.

Lessons in Parenthood and Personal Relationships Stewardship

BJ uses the same principle of dedication and hard work as a father. He realized the importance of spending quality time with his children and invested more effort into strengthening relationships with his family.

Taking strides in health and family relationships wasn’t the only change BJ embraced. At heart, BJ is a lover of stand-up comedy. He enjoys writing jokes and bits and spends hours perfecting them. He believes that it’s important to take risks, especially in pursuing passions, and encourages both his children to follow suit.

Journeying Beyond

BJ’s journey provides an inspiring perspective on balancing business, health, family, and personal passions. It’s a reminder that success doesn’t have to come at the expense of other aspects of life. It’s all about setting up the right conditions for ourselves to achieve our goals while maintaining our wellbeing – both physical and mental. As BJ concludes, “Don’t play unless you have an advantage. Once you have an advantage, then play the game.”

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